Student graduates; takes his sax and joins the Army Band


Mark Higgins

It’s an old saxophone, well worn where it has rubbed against shirts and belts. To Mark Higgins, who graduates this spring from YSU, it’s the sax he was looking for.

“I was looking for one and I tried lots in Chicago before finding this one in Iowa,” he said.

The late 1950s saxophone has achieved a mellow tone that was just what Mark looked for; the sax has traveled more than Mark in its time.

For Mark and his saxophone, summer 2013 involves more traveling as Mark has been accepted to join the Army Band beginning at the end of June. A native of Washington, Pa., Mark will be off to basic training, then on to the Army School of Music. From there he will be given some choices of station; Mark is hoping for Virginia or Germany.

A University Scholar and music performance major, Mark has been making the most of his time at YSU, playing as much as possible in all genres of music on and off-campus. Everything from rock to church choirs is now within his musical range, and he listens to just as wide a variety of music as he plays. “Not as much sax music though,” he laughs. Practicing up to eight hours a day will make anyone tired of an instrument. Still, Mark and two fellow students have spent their time writing music for the last three years, and this semester they recorded their first album with the Jazz Ensemble: Absent Dreamers.