Anthrax drill

anthrax drillNearly 100 Nursing department faculty and students participated in a mock disaster drill last month in Cushwa Hall to help prepare the campus in the event of a medical emergency. Pictured from the left are nursing students Brittany Emery, Thomas Merva and Jenna Tabachino, Clinical Instructor Sue Rendano, and students Taylor Greathouse and Tyler Chelsea. The drill, which focused on the distribution of antibiotics in response to a mock anthrax contamination, was held in partnership with the Mahoning County Health Department to establish YSU as a closed unit for public health assistance in case of a disaster. A closed unit means that the needed medication will be provided to YSU employees and their families instead of waiting in line at the open units run by the county. The YSU Nursing department, in collaboration with the nurses and doctor at the YSU Health Clinic, would run the YSU site, where employees could pick up their medication for themselves and any extended family members.