Maag Library

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Maag Library provides YSU faculty and students with rapid access to premier information delivered both across campus and around the world. Graduates of YSU are taught by Maag librarians to find, assess and utilize information as a regular part of library services. Contributions of both money and materials make a critical difference in our movement to excellence. Thank you for your commitment to Maag Library.

Jacob M. Appel
Dr. Louise Aurilio
Dr. Karen Becker
Brianna Bianconi
Julianne Borowske
Barbara Brothers
Briana Camaret
Jayne Catlos
Center for Basque Studies
Center for Judaic & Holocaust Studies
Center for Literature for Young Readers
Dr. James T.E. Chengelis
Prof. Carl F. Chuey
Heather Clevinger
Dr. Chester Cooper
Susan L. Crawford
Roberta Michelle Cykon
Dr. Janice Elias
Dr. William Rick Fry
Beverly Gartland
Mercedes Golonko
Tim & Kathryn Goodhart
Lloyd Griffith
Dustin Hall
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Heller Jr.
Jaime Heras
Michael Jerryson
Galaiyah L. Johnson
Mr. Michael J. Keryan
Abigail Kovacs
Michael Lisi
Christopher Lucas
Marian Mihas
Kenneth Miller
Ron Mock
Patrick Pacalo
R&SS Center
Dr. Erin M. Rehel
Dr. Patricia Sarro
Dr. Helene Sinnreich
Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh SACP
Theosophical Book Gift Institute
Robert J. Thompson
Ana Torres
Lisa Uiriazis
Krystel VanDyke
Mrs. Rebekah Vasko
Kathy Wujcik
YSU English Department
YSU Womens Studies Dept.