Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Ryan McNicholas

Fabricae VniuersitatisEvery day, about 1,200 students and employees enjoy the services of the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and Ryan McNicholas wants to be sure they make the best use of it.

As Fitness and Wellness Programs coordinator, McNicholas works with two graduate assistants to determine what fitness and nutrition programs will be provided. “We strive to offer the programs that students want; we try to correlate with national trends and to coordinate with other departments on campus,” he said.

Fabric McNicholas

Ryan McNicholas

McNicholas generally starts his day checking the equipment and reviewing the daily event schedule. He also does fitness and nutrition assessments. “The best part of my job is working with students who are excited about our programs and helping them to achieve their goals,” he said.

He first became interested in working with students when, as a high school athlete, he attended an in-service with Jack Rigney, former director of campus recreation and intramural sports. After earning a master’s degree in Health and Human Services from YSU, McNicholas spent four years as a recreation supervisor at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center and worked six years at the Jewish Community Center. When he returned to YSU, he said, it felt like coming home.

McNicholas also helps with the Ursuline High School football team as a football assistant and enjoys spending time at home in Lowellville with his family.